In defense of Freedom of Speech and Internet Freedom in México

Letter of International Support, in Defense of Freedom of Expression and Internet Freedom in Mexico.


To the Mexican Congress:


The Telecommunications and Broadcasting bill presented by President Peña Nieto on March 24 seeks to undermine the constitutional changes approved on June 2013. Those constitutional changes, based on input from unprecedented social and political participation, guarantee several human rights as inalienable except under court order; freedom of expression, privacy and personal data and communications. This would bring Mexico's digital human rights up to international standards.


Peña Nieto's bill undermines all of those rights. His "reform initiative" doesn't respect people's rights of access to communication and information technologies; quite the contrary, it threatens freedom of expression, net neutrality, as well as the right to access opportune and plural information through the Internet. It imposes real-time surveillance of people's communications and movements.


It also authorizes the State to censor the Internet by restricting both publication and access without even a court order. The bill would maintain and even increase the State's control and industry's privilege, allowing it to block communications outright for supposed public and national security reasons, unrestrained by legal safeguards to protect people's privacy and other rights.


We, the undersigned, insist that each regulation on telecommunications and broadcasting passed by the Congress MUST satisfy constitutional guidelines as well as the international human rights standards that Mexico has signed.


We call for compliance with the UN’s Resolution regarding the right to privacy in the digital age, the UN – OAS’s Joint Declaration on surveillance programs and their impact on Freedom of Expression, and the 13 International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance, as international benchmarks to ensure respect for human rights on the Internet.



• Christopher Allan Webber, Free software developer
• Cory Doctorow, Writer and Blogger
• Glyn Moody, Writer
• Jacob Appelbaum,  Independent computer security researcher
• Jérémie Zimmermann, Citizen advocate
• Lisa M. Brownlee, Independent legal scholar
• Nighat Dad, Director of the Digital Rights Foundation
• Richard Sennett, Sociologist and writer
• Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and founder of the GNU project
• Stephan Blank, Netizen Rights


• Access, International
• Alternative Informatics Association, Turkey
• Article 19, United Kingdom
• Digital Rights Foundation, Pakistan
• ¡Dominemos la tecnología! - Association for Progressive Communications (APC), International
• Electronic Frontier Foundation, United States
• Fundación Karismadentro, Colombia
• Fundación Vía Libre, Argentina
• Global Voices Advocacy, International
• Initiative für Netzfreiheit, Germany
• La Quadrature du Net, France
• Rhizomatica, International
• Vrijschrift, The Netherlands






Conceived by ContingenteMX, a collective of Mexican Digital Rights

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Published on  June 9th, 2014